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Providence Intoxication Torts Lawyer

When someone is intoxicated and fails to use their best judgment, it often results in getting behind the wheel of a car. From there, maybe they are lucky and are just pulled over and arrested, but in many cases, they have injured other innocent victims along the way. If you were injured due to a drunk driver, you likely have a strong case to recover some compensation for your injuries and physical damages. However, Rhode Island has laws on the books that may hold other people accountable as well, through dram shop laws and social host liability.

If you were injured due to someone’s intoxication, it’s important to speak with a skilled Providence intoxication torts lawyer who can advise you about what legal claims you may have.

Rhode Island Dram Shop Laws

The term dram shop liability relates to a restaurant, bar, tavern, pub, or other business that over sells or serves a customer who then causes harm to someone else due to their intoxication. The Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act provides victims with a cause of action if a drunk driver was over-served while drinking at a Rhode Island restaurant or bar. They should be held responsible for allowing the person to become so drunk.

As with other states, it’s also illegal to serve or sell alcohol to a minor, which is considered to be anyone under 21. The law will not only hold the establishment responsible for the injuries an intoxicated minor causes to someone else, but it will also hold them responsible for any injuries the minor sustained themselves.

It’s important to point out that dram shop laws don’t reduce the negligence and personal responsibility of the drunk driver.

Social Host Liability

There is also something called social host liability, which refers to criminal liability and the civil liability for someone who procures or furnishes alcohol, or is aware alcohol is being consumed by a minor at their residence or property. These people can be held criminally liable. In regard to civil liability, the Supreme Court of Rhode Island has ruled that if a homeowner provided the alcoholic beverages to a minor or had the knowledge alcohol was present or being consumed, then he or she has the duty to exercise reasonable care to protect their guests.

This means that if a minor is injured at your residence, you could be liable. It doesn’t mean someone who is injured later by the intoxicated minor may have a claim. There are other cases that limit the application of social host liability, which is why it’s important to discuss the facts of your case with a competent Providence personal injury attorney.

Contact a Providence Intoxication Torts Lawyer

Injuries sustained in an accident with a drunk driver can be serious and, in some cases, fatal. No two cases and no two injuries are the same. There may be other liable parties that you can pursue for damages in your claim for compensation. You need a Providence personal injury attorney who understands drunk driving and intoxication torts to help ensure that all responsible parties are held accountable. If you need assistance with a claim involving intoxication in Rhode Island, contact the Kiselica Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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