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Wrongful Death Lawsuits Linked to The Pandemic Begin, Warning Facilities Still Failing to Take Precautions


The fallout from employers, hospitals, and other businesses not doing enough to protect employees from the catastrophic injuries associated with the coronavirus has already begun, with several now being sued for wrongful death claims as a result. This not only includes companies that operate nursing homes and which are now being accused of lacking a clear plan of action, which led to systemic failure, but corporate giants such as Walmart, which are being accused of ignoring reports of virus symptoms from employees for weeks, as well as failing to enforce social distancing guidelines, sanitize stores in order to prevent the spread of the virus, and provide personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and even soap.

There is no question that each of the facilities must not only have a plan in place, but must also provide the proper equipment and training to its staff, as well as protocols to deal with the crisis. This is not only necessary to protect those who work and/or live on-site, but also to prevent the spread of the virus in general.

Is It Time for All Stores to Move to Curbside Pickup & Delivery Only?

As a result of deaths like those that have occurred at Walmart and are emerging each day at big grocery chains in particular, many are now arguing that it is time for all of them to bar allowing customers inside and only allow for curbside pickup and online ordering, or else risk opening themselves up to negligence lawsuits as well. Worker experts have decided that, at this point, the risk of infection for all of these employees has simply become too great because many of those who enter the stores do not follow social distancing guidelines. The U.S. Labor Department has already recommended that stores use drive-through windows, and a number of state Departments have indicated that the use of delivery and pickup should be encouraged. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control have indicated that high-volume retailers such as Walmart are responsible for taking additional steps to protect both customers and employees from the spread of the virus. Still, official policies with the bigger stores do not seem to be changing.

Risk Rises for Healthcare Workers in Rhode Island: Have Any Precautions Been Taken?

Then there is the issue of healthcare workers who care for society’s most vulnerable, including Rhode Island’s group homes, but who are still not receiving the proper protection or hazard pay. At many of these facilities, staff have already tested positive for the virus, which means that every resident could be positive as well. Workers in these facilities are especially at risk because residents and patients who become frustrated can, at times, become violent with staff members, leading to an increased risk of the virus potentially spreading through these interactions.

If You Have Any Questions About Negligent Practices in Rhode Island, Contact Kiselica Law Firm Today

If you live in Rhode Island and you or a loved one has been placed in danger due to a facility failing to take proper precautions, contact an experienced and knowledgeable Providence personal injury attorney at the Kiselica Law Firm today to find out how we can help ensure that justice is done for you and your loved ones.






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